Philips 242 Turntable. (Techniek Radio/TV)

door Ted Mooren @, Amsterdam, 12.11.2017, 22:56 (99 dagen geleden) @ Subhabrata Dutta

Dear Subhabrata Dutta,

Have a look at
which is an Indian site/forum where "musiklava79" offers for free a pdf-version of the manual.
The 242 (15GA242) was (only?) made and sold in India. Good looking turntable!
Good luck!


P.S. This forum (NFOR) does not deal with transistor apparatus whilst I fear the speedregulation of the 242 is with transistors.
A proper transistorforum is the Nederlands Transistorforum: .
There is also a very good site on turntables. The Nederlands Grammofoon Genootschap: .

NGG-info corrected by moderators. Thanks to Peter1952.


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