Philips 242 Turntable. (Techniek Radio/TV)

door Subhabrata Dutta @, India, 12.11.2017, 12:01 (100 dagen geleden)

Dear Members,

I do have a Philips India 242 turntable.

It is working well but now a days a problem I am facing that while its playing LPs the speed goes down suddenly. I stop the motor then restart it and the speed becomes correct. After some time again speed drops.

From where the problem arises?

Waiting for your suggestions.

Philips 242 Turntable.

door soundman2 @, Wouw, 12.11.2017, 22:02 (100 dagen geleden) @ Subhabrata Dutta

It's a belt drive turntable. Did you check the belt hadn't been stretched?

Philips 242 Turntable.

door Subhabrata Dutta @, India, 13.11.2017, 03:29 (100 dagen geleden) @ soundman2

I haven't checked yet the belt. Should I check it first?

Philips 242 Turntable.

door Ted Mooren @, Amsterdam, 12.11.2017, 22:56 (100 dagen geleden) @ Subhabrata Dutta

Dear Subhabrata Dutta,

Have a look at
which is an Indian site/forum where "musiklava79" offers for free a pdf-version of the manual.
The 242 (15GA242) was (only?) made and sold in India. Good looking turntable!
Good luck!


P.S. This forum (NFOR) does not deal with transistor apparatus whilst I fear the speedregulation of the 242 is with transistors.
A proper transistorforum is the Nederlands Transistorforum: .
There is also a very good site on turntables. The Nederlands Grammofoon Genootschap: .

NGG-info corrected by moderators. Thanks to Peter1952.


Philips 242 Turntable.

door Subhabrata Dutta @, India, 13.11.2017, 03:31 (100 dagen geleden) @ Ted Mooren

Exactly I have this one. Thanks for your help.

Philips 242 Turntable.

door Peter1952 @, 13.11.2017, 07:07 (100 dagen geleden) @ Ted Mooren

Even een correctie: De site van het Nederlands Grammofoon Genootschap is GEEN forum. Het is een informatieve site waar veel gegevens van grammofoons op staan. Wel bestaat de mogelijkheid om technische vragen te stellen.


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