lampje van 6 candlepower (Techniek Overig)

door francois129 @, Aartselaar - België, 13.10.2020, 22:42 (15 dagen geleden) @ Andries van Bronkhorst


Hierbij de gegevens van het lampje.

Fuse Lamp #81 for Hickok Tube Testers
For Hickok Models: 600, 600A, 752, 752A, 800, 800A, 6000, TV7, I-177-B and others
These are the exact type fuse lamps as the originals!

In the most Hickok tube testers this special bulb (type #81) is used as fuse lamp. It often blows if you forget the shorts test and try to test a defective tube or if you set the selector switches wrong. Therefore you should hold some of them on stock. The bulbs are new and unused, of course. Please do NOT use any other bulb than this type!

Lamp Data:
Type: #81
Voltage: 6.5 V
Current: 1.02 A
Power: 6.63 W
Socket: BA15s
Filament: C2R
Glass type: G6 Clear
Alias names: No.81, CM-81, GE-81, W-81


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