Reparatieverslag General Electric Porta Color WM226HWD-2 (Techniek Radio/TV)

door Maurice ⌂ @, Dordrecht, 08.02.2024, 17:49 (157 dagen geleden) @ brama

Na zoeken in document blijkt het pagina 22 te zijn!

Daar staan verwijzingen naar de nodige wijzigingen in!
"the new H-2 chassis"

En tbv de kleur fout evt het "Varactor tint control circuitry"
Dat is toegevoegd.

The portable color TV model
WM226HWD-2 receiver containing
the new H-2 chassis is similar
to past versions of the H chassis
and has new features employed.
This new chassis will use the
11WP22 CRT which has the same
basic in -line gun features as the
original 11SP22 CRT, but contains
definite design improvements
over the earlier type picture tube.
The same rare earth red phosphor
and blue phosphor will be used
along with a new type of green
phosphor which provides truer
Smaller phosphor dot size, 60
percent more dots and aperture
mask holes, sharper electron gun
beams and the use of tinted faceplate
glass combine to give finer
picture detail, less dot blooming
at high brightness levels and gives
greater picture contrast.
In the main chassis, a new design
H V transformer, encapsulated in
RTV silicone rubber for high reliability,
is capable of providing
more power for the sweep and HV
Varactor tint control circuitry of
the type used on the more expensive
longer screen color receivers has
been added. Now the customer has
a wider flesh tone range for easy
tint control adjustment

"I haven't even turned this on to see if it works because as long as I don't it might"

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