Philips radiogram F8X82A (Techniek Radio/TV)

door Maurice ⌂ @, Dordrecht, 11.02.2020, 18:49 (18 dagen geleden) @ Pandu Rajan

Isn't it kind of Ultra Linear principle?

Normaly the amp has then a centertap on the output pransformer and connected to the 2 grid.

"In 1951 , David Hafler and Herbert Keroes introduced a pentode power amplifier, inwhich a tap of the
primary transformerwindingwas connected to the screen grid of the power pentode . They called
this the Ultra-Linear power amplifier. This power amplifier shows the advantages of a triode, low
anode AC internal resistance and low distortion, as well as the advantages of a pentode, large delivered
anode AC power and good efficiency. The narrative given by David Hafler and Herbert Keroes
is good and substantiated in practice; this is very important."

"I haven't even turned this on to see if it works because as long as I don't it might"

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