Philips radiogram F8X82A (Techniek Radio/TV)

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About the F8X82A lezing-bernard-terlingen-philips-f8x82a-deel1

It is a dual driven Tube that Top tube EL86.
As wel as through normal G1 as now G2 through that left capacitor and transformer.
Also the transformer powers the ECC83,as wel as full output signal on that ECC83 in supperposition.
So positive coupling.

The botum tube has though the most lower resistor line Liniear feedback,and
upper ECC83 throug the 33k on that feedback and so that way also positive feedback.
So bottum ECC83 has negative feedback as the uppertube ECC83 positive feedback.

Resulte a big negative feedback is compensated through 2 times a positive feedback at the top ECC83.

That way a hudge dynamic expancion.

The lower current feedback is frequency independed , low as high is in the feedback.
The lower part of the amp is somewhat a normal amplifer configuration with transformerless output.

Those 2 parallel capacitors.
IF afther long time you power Up this amp and you did not reforme and check those
capacitors, it is finito 9710.
Philips data both max 2mA zo 4mA total.
The transformer has very thin wire.
A continuos current through that transformer in rest case.
And so through that 800 Ohm speaker with very thin wire.
So becarfull and double check those capasitors.
The leak current does not excess that max current.

"I haven't even turned this on to see if it works because as long as I don't it might"

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